Saturday, February 04, 2012

Organization on Command

Is anyone else besides me in love with the Command Strips?

Take this mess for instance:

[There is now an updated version of the sunglasses storage space! ] 

This cabinet and counter top corner is hit hard every day with keys, sunglasses, the dog's collars, winter warming packs, pocket change, mail - you name it!

After clearing it out, the magic started happening...
in the form of Command Strips and Hooks. 

Here our main spare keys and extra ring of "membership cards" hang next to the bowl for the pooch collars. I don't know about your home, but a flashlight ready at hand is a recipe for less stress at this residence. Here they reside, ready to grab in a pinch. (I have found that keeping them in the garage tends to be hard on the batteries due to the fluctuation of temperature.)

I have since added a basket to the top shelf for the white board markers and eraser, now that I have that piece redone, hanging nearby and better utilized. I'll be sharing that little project soon!

Next up, the everyday items that must be ready to grab and go: keys and sunglasses. Just as importantly, they need to be able to be put back easily and smoothly.

More Command Strips to the rescue! Unable to locate the dowel rod that I know I have, I just used masking tape to smoothly join to thin watercolor markers together. (After trying a dozen of them looking for the driest ones!) The "rod" or "dowel" sits perfectly in the hooks. 

This is my first time working with these particular Command Hooks that have the movable metal hook. Turns out they work great for some items and not so good for others. For this they are perfect! The slight movement allows the dowel to nudge away from the cabinet with just enough give to make pulling off or putting on the sunglasses a smooth process.

[Here is an updated version of the sunglasses storage space! ]

Sunglasses Storage

 While I was on a roll - these Command Strips and Hooks are ADDICTING - I moved the aprons to the back of the chalkboard pantry door.

And then replaced the middle hook that had broken where I hang the potholders and oven mitt. Can you believe that I made one of these potholders when I was a kiddo - it's just a bit worn now, but my mom kept it for me!

See, here is where I found that the metal hooks that move are not always advantageous.

From this angle, when I pull the potholder up the metal hook wants to come up too. However, the other small hooks I already have hanging here do not have enough of a hook. So, the next replacement will have to be different hooks altogether.

And finally, one last cabinet was unable to escape my Command Strip Tirade.

Under the kitchen sink!

This hardworking area sure needs some love!

A quick assessment and re-organization revealed what I could hang up with my new hookie friends.

Dish cleaning brushes! On the lower part, I used two Command Hooks spaced appropriately to hang a Dollar Store organizing basket for the baby bottle brush.

 Yup, Command Strips. I like how easily and firmly they adhere, and how simply and cleanly they are removed.

I wasn't solicited to brag about these guys today, but Command Strips are my HEROS!
I should buy stock in that company!

Partying here:

for those household items we can't live without!

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  1. I love command hooks! Target had a big clearance on them after Christmas and I scooped them up.

    Have a great weekend !

  2. Love this! I especially love how you did the sunglasses, my husband is obsessed with sunglasses, now I know how to organize them...thanks!

    Cath from Home is Where my Heart is

    1. Let me tell you - that is the best part of that project for me! I appreciate it every day, and it's winter. I'm sure I'll love it even more in the summer! :-) Hope it works for you too!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them as well!! I have this same post (well the love of Command Adhesives) started for a blog post as well. Great use of them!!! Isn't it great how the 29 day challenge inspires you to tackle other areas of your house!!!!

    1. Ange, you are so right! I needed a challenge to spark the fire! It is sooo nice to actually get in there and get it done. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow!! I love your ideas. It got my brain thinking. I'm going to the hardware store for something else today and I think I'll pick some up.

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